Alex Miceli - June 17, 2012


Golf Channel Contributor Alex Miceli is in San Francisco, CA this week for the 112th U.S. Open Championship. When asked what Tiger Woods could do today to put himself back in the running to win his 4th U.S. Open, Miceli said that there was no reasonable number that he could shoot. He added that the Tiger he saw on Saturday cannot shoot 65 on Sunday but the Tiger on Thursday and Friday might be able to. But since only one score of 66 has been shot this week, he highly doubts that Tiger will shoot a score like that.

He spoke with USGA Executive Director Mike Davis about their efforts to make sure that the course does not get away from them. The USGA decided to water the greens on Friday night and Saturday morning in anticipation of overcast weather which never showed up. As a result, the course played much softer on Saturday than it did on Thursday or Friday and Miceli anticipates that the course will play more similar to Saturday than the first two days on Sunday.

On Saturday, he played golf with Bubba Watson at The California Club in San Francisco and considering he missed the cut, Bubba was very happy on Friday after missing the cut and Miceli was in the locker room when Bubba out of the blue invited him to play golf on Saturday and he does not see how you can turn down an invitation from the reigning Masters Champion.

He feels that Graeme McDowell has played badly for the most part over the last year and a half and although he is playing better, he has also had some problems in the final round when he has held the lead or been near the lead recently. Furyk has also struggled over the last year and a half but Miceli said that he was impressed at how well he played being paired with Tiger Woods on Saturday which would be a tough task for anyone. He gives the advantage to Furyk over McDowell in the final pairing in the final round.