Alex Miceli - June 27, 2012


The PGA TOUR Policy Board approved full points for Fall Series events but not a set standard for the 3-event series to determine PGA TOUR cards in the new wraparound schedule. It is understandable that it is going to take time to announce the new policy because it is such a big change. He applauds the effort of the player members of the PGA TOUR Policy Board because they have listened to the concerns of the players and they have worked very hard to try to come up with a plan that will get it right the first time. Among the ideas that have been proposed by the Policy Board is having no player seeding during the three-event series.

He cannot see Augusta National continuing to invite the winners of PGA TOUR events that offer full FedExCup points because they are not interested in potentially inviting 5-6 more players who may win those events. Up to now, the Augusta National has said that they will take a wait and see approach to the PGA TOUR changes and Miceli says that it will be interesting to see what they decide to do in response to this policy.

Looking back on the first half of the 2012 PGA TOUR season, Miceli thinks that Rory McIlroy has been the most disappointing not because of what he has done on a week-to-week basis, but because of what he has done in the Major Championships. One year ago, many people were calling him the heir apparent to Tiger Woods in large part because of his Major Championship performance but with a T40 in The Masters and a missed cut in the U.S. Open, there is certainly concern about what Rory will do in the Open Championship and the PGA Championship later this year.

Many players take time off around this time of year in part because they can no longer do that after the PGA Championship with the creation of the PGA TOUR Playoffs. In the past, players would take time off in August and September but with the addition of the four PGA TOUR playoff events at that time, many of the best players have shifted their breaks to June-July. The field strength of the AT&T National is not an illustration of players’ feelings about Tiger Woods but instead is an illustration of how the FedExCup has changed the way players schedule their PGA TOUR seasons.