Alex Miceli - March 28, 2012


Miceli has been on the road on the PGA TOUR for virtually the entire 2012 season and the first thing he has realized is that a lot of the players out there are pretty crazy. Someone went up to Augusta to prepare for The Masters and took a lot of golf clubs with him to test them out. He has been injured as well and despite the fact that he is playing very well, he changes his golf clubs because he wants to turn a 4th place finish into a 3rd place finish.

When it comes to Masters favorites, Alex said that he does not know how you could say that it is anyone other than Rory McIlroy. No one has played better in 2012 than Rory and he has proven both in 2011 and 2012 that he is ready to stand up to the pressure and challenges of being in contention on Sunday. Rory has played the best when you look at his finishes and the events in which he has competed. At the same time, he is not taking anything away from other players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson who have also won in 2012.

While Tiger Woods won against a good field at Bay Hill last week, there were a number of players on that leaderboard who were well-known but had not played well recently and there have been other events where the fields were stronger and Rory McIlroy has done the best against the best fields.

Both Dustin Johnson and Martin Kaymer have struggled at Augusta National and Alex is going with Kaymer on the question of who will have the better week. Johnson underwent surgery late last year and his game still seems to be showing from rust from that procedure. Kaymer has had some success with Christian Donald as his caddie and the fact that he has not been under the knife in the last six months makes Kaymer a better pick for Masters success this year than D.J.