Alex Miceli - May 16, 2012


When asked about Tiger Woods’ announcement that he is playing in The Greenbrier Classic as well as five other upcoming events, Miceli said that when you look at his schedule historically, it is rare that he adds even one new event per year and this year he has added two with The Honda Classic and now The Greenbrier Classic. It is good that he is committing to new events as it is good for the local events and it is good for television.

He shouldn’t question Tiger’s decision to play The Greenbrier Classic but he wonders why he would show up at a place where many people would not expect him to show up. While he would be expected to play an event in South Florida because that is where he lives, he would not be expected to play in West Virginia. Miceli wondered if Tiger had even been to West Virginia.

When it comes to slow play, under the current system it is almost impossible to identify and effectively deal with a slow player because there are too many players in the field on Thursday and Friday. When you have difficulty getting 156 players finished before dark, monitoring slow play on those days does not top the list of priorities. Once you have effectively identified the slow players, something can be done about slow play on the PGA TOUR. However, the PGA TOUR does not want to enforce its own rules and they do not want to make punishments public. Until the PGA TOUR is willing to enforce its own rules and start publicly penalizing players strokes instead of money, nothing will be done to change the trend of slow play.