Alex Miceli - October 12, 2011


On the question of the importance of the PGA TOUR Money List race, Miceli said that he does not really care who wins nor does anyone else. It is not as though you won a major if you won the Money List. However, it does matter to players like Luke Donald and Webb Simpson because many players have extra financial incentives attached to winning the Money List with their respective endorsement contracts and that is the only reason it matters. He doubts that the two extra years of exemptions really matters to Webb Simpson.

Whenever you have an event where thousands of people are congregated over a large space of land at an event where Tiger Woods and other notable players are in attendance and there is a small number of security guards present and those are often not that experienced, there is always a concern but since the PGA  TOUR security does a great job of deterring and limiting such behavior, this incident in itself does not inspire that much concern.

Lee Westwood is in China this week for the China Golf Challenge and said that there should be a Major played in Asia. Westwood is saying this point as someone who has never won a Major. Two weeks ago, he spoke to Y.E. Yang and K.J. Choi about this issue in Golfweek. Choi – who has not won a Major – supported the idea while Yang – who has won a Major – said that he is not interested in seeing a fifth Major Championship whether it is in Asia or not while acknowledging having a Major played in Asia would be nice. The PGA Championship will likely be the most affected by the Olympic schedule so if there were to be a Major with rotating countries for locations, the PGA would be the ideal Major for that situation but he doubts that anyone at the PGA of America or anywhere else has that much foresight.