Alex Miceli - October 26, 2011


He is ifying consideration for the WGC-HSBC Champions and would send in his vote using Disney as the final event. He does not see how an event with unofficial money should count in the consideration of an official award. But when it all comes down to it, he wonders how important the Player of the Year award really is in the grand scheme of things. He does not think the PGA TOUR even cares as the players do not even go to officially accept the awards anymore. He feels that rules changes announced by the USGA and R&A were good changes. The rule regarding the ball moving in the wind is something that they have deliberated on for many years but the anchored putter is something that they are still discussing. More and more players are using the anchored putter and the longer they go without making a decision, the more players they will end up hurting if they ultimately rule against the legality of anchored putters. If such a decision were to be made, he wonders whether or not the PGA TOUR would actually go against the USGA and not automatically adopt the rule as they do for all other rules. You would hate to mess with someone’s livelihood in a professional sport and the banning of this putter would have the potential to do exactly that. The USGA and R&A should have made a decision earlier but golf is a reactive, not pro-active, sport by nature.