Alexandre Rocha - December 7, 2011


Rocha finished T24 in PGA TOUR Q-School to earn back his PGA TOUR card for the 2012 season. 2011 was his first year on the PGA TOUR and he did not play well enough to retain his card so to be able to go back to Q-School and keep his card is unbelievable because once you taste what it is like being a member on the PGA TOUR, you never want to lose that status.

He had some equipment issues from the beginning of 2011 and struggled as a result. Those problems were compounded by the fact that he did not know a lot of the courses very well. The equipment problems have been worked out and he heads back out in 2012 with a lot more knowledge of the courses so he is feeling very optimistic about next year.

On how Q-School may become for the Nationwide Tour only in 2013 in favor of a Nationwide Tour/PGA TOUR 3-tournament series for cards, Rocha would not be in favor of such changes because he feels that it is too big of a punishment to tell someone who did not play well enough on the Nationwide Tour over a whole year that he does not have Q-School as a one last chance option to get to the PGA TOUR for next season.

As a Brazilian, he is very excited about golf being in the 2016 Olympics and feels that it inspired him to keep going as a professional golfer. The Gold Medal has special meaning to him because he is from Brazil and the Olympics will be played there and he would take the gold medal over a Major Championship.