Allison Micheletti and Gloriana Soto - March 15, 2012


Allison Micheletti and Gloriana Soto are two members of the cast of Big Break Atlantis which premieres on Golf Channel on May 14th at 9PM ET. The Big Break Atlantis Preview Show airs on April 30th at 9PM ET on Golf Channel.

Gloriana said that it was a wonderful experience and that she had wanted to be a part of Big Break ever since the show premiered. All of the challenges and all of the stresses involved with the cameras around will only serve to help her in her career as a professional golfer.

Allison said that the pressure did not come from the presence of the cameras but instead came from the fact that in the challenges you have only one chance to either win or lose. If you hit a good shot, you move on. If you hit a bad shot, you could go home. Both Allison and Gloriana learned to appreciate the importance of every single shot.

Gloriana said that when she was growing up, she was the only junior in Costa Rica playing golf but now there are a lot of junior players taking up golf. She hopes that more young Costa Rican players will go on to play professional golf.

Allison has been surrounded by a number of successful people in her life including her father, her Swing Coach Peter Kostis, and her boyfriend Martin Kaymer. It is a great feeling to be able to talk to people who can relate to pressure situations and she has been able to learn a great deal from them.

Gloriana said that the weather at Atlantis was very similar to the weather in Costa Rica and the fact that the course was so immaculate made it very easy and very pleasant to compete. When you first start the show, it is interesting to get to know everyone and figure out all of the personalities that you are going to be around.

Commenting on the video of The Big Break cast walking down the fairway together, Allison said that their motivation for that shot was getting it right so that they did not have to do another take. Gloriana added that the competition was both intense and fun and that everyone involved with the show encouraged the cast members to enjoy the experience which they did.