Allison Micheletti - June 19, 2012


Allison Micheletti is a contestant on Big Break Atlantis. Micheletti will appear on Big Break Academy with Michael Breed tonight at 7PM ET on Golf Channel.

After she left Big Break Atlantis, she felt that her confidence overall had gone up because of the experience although it was certainly unfortunate that she did not go on to win. The experiences she had and the lessons she learned on the show taught her a great deal and she feels that she is a better golfer because of the show.

On The Big Break, it is truly one shot at a time and she feels that she can now take that attitude to the golf course. Prior to the show, she did not view an entire round of golf as one shot at a time and now that she does view it that way she thinks that she will be able to let herself play, make mistakes, and ultimately become better. She wants to be successful in golf so badly that it is sometimes difficult to get out of her own way.

Because she grew up playing other team sports that are so different from golf, she has had to learn how to take more responsibility for her decisions because as an individual sport, she is totally responsible for both her successes and her failures. More importantly, she alone is in control of whether or not she can put herself in position to succeed because she cannot control what her opponents do.

After losing on Big Break Atlantis, she joined Michael Breed for an episode of Big Break Academy. She felt that it was a great experience and having watched Breed for years on The Golf Fix, she was excited to see what it would be like to work with him and she has been able to take the lessons she learned from him to the practice range and the golf course.