Andres Gonzales - April 10, 2012


Andres Gonzales earned his first Nationwide Tour win last week in the Soboba Golf Classic one year after losing in a playoff in that event. He plays that course very well although he does not know exactly why.

After struggling a bit on the PGA TOUR, he feels like he has gotten his game back although he does not think he ever lost his confidence. Looking back, he may have spent too much time on the golf course because he was very excited to be on the PGA TOUR. He simply wore himself out and his golf game suffered.

The way he celebrated his win on Sunday was by being in bed early because he was so exhausted. He wanted to win so badly this week and when he actually did, he was exhausted and he crashed.

His short game is what got him to the PGA TOUR on the Nationwide Tour but he realized that once he got out there, his short game was not nearly at the level that it needed to be to be a success on the PGA TOUR.

He feels that Tiger Woods has been such a huge influence on everyone and everything in golf that he would love to meet him and just learn from him. Tiger is one of the few people who has changed a sport the way that Michael Jordan changed basketball and Wayne Gretzky changed hockey.