Andrew Wilson - November 2, 2012


Andrew Wilson is the GCSAA Course Superintendent for Bethpage State Park on Long Island in New York. About 800 trees came down over all five courses at Bethpage State Park but fortunately none of them fell down on greens. Some courses fared better than others as they are looking to reopen the Yellow Course next week while unfortunately there is no timetable for reopening the Black Course and the Red Course as they sustained much more damage. For the future, you will definitely see some new views between holes as many tall trees will be gone.

Bethpage State Park closes for the season the week before Thanksgiving and some people will certainly be disappointed that they will not be able to play the course one more time before the end of the playing season. Wilson said that he is currently focused on cleaning the courses while he is leaving revenue and budget concerns for Bethpage State Park to other officials.

He has received information about other courses in the area and some have received more damage than others. For example, Inwood Country Club had their maintenance area destroyed by the storm while  many others have trees down and it is being reported that Liberty National Golf Club has a couple of boats that washed up onto the course.

He has told his staff that they have to get ready for a marathon when it comes to cleaning up the damage from Hurricane Sandy at Bethpage State Park. This will certainly be their winter project and he hopes that he and his staff will be able to get the course through the winter season and be able to have the course ready when the playing season begins in 2013.