Angie Everhart - March 12, 2012


Supermodel Angie Everhart is one of four celebrity contestants on the latest season of The Haney Project on Golf Channel. When people recognize her, she joked that people tend to recognize her more for who she is dating than for what she does.

Her father has played golf for many years and she has grown up around the game her entire life. There is a lot more pressure in golf than there is in modeling and part of  the intimidation involves being out on the course alone whereas in modeling, you are surrounded by a lot of people. She plans to introduce the game of golf to her son and he is already excited about the game.

The competition in this season of The Haney Project has to do with who is the most improved over the entire season. Hank Haney is an amazing teacher and there is a reason why he was Tiger Woods’ swing coach. He has a unique way of teaching players and he teaches differently based on the person but no matter what, Hank is effective.