Annika Sorenstam - December 8, 2011


Annika was in Washington, D.C. Wednesday to meet with members of Congress to discuss initiatives to improve the health and lives of America’s children. She was there to represent her foundation and promote its work among about 40 members of the House and Senate. All of them agree that there is an issue with promoting the improvement of the health among America’s kids but they also agree that there is a lack of money. The Annika Foundation is working to figure out to promote their initiatives among as many people as possible.

In response to Luke Donald’s comments that Rory McIlroy actually has more raw talent than Tiger Woods, she said that having had a chance to play and practice with Tiger, she knows how talented he is and how hard he works. She has not had the same experience with Rory so she is unable to make a comparison but Donald’s comments are quite strong and she understands how he now needs to backtrack a little bit.

She feels it is crazy that Stephanie Kono is not allowed to defer her LPGA Tour Membership especially because she went to Q-School solely based on wrong information that was given to her by the LPGA Tour which is crazy in itself. She feels badly for Kono because school is very important and Annika knows that Kono wanted to finish college at UCLA before turning pro. She would support a change in the rules that would allow any amateur to defer their membership if they went to Q-School and earned their LPGA Tour card.