Annika Sorenstam - June 18, 2012


3-time U.S. Women’s Open Champion Annika Sorenstam is in Rhode Island to play in the CVS Charity Classic. She won 10 Majors in her career and her first win was the 1995 U.S. Women’s Open and for Annika, it was a dream come true and it actually took a few months before the gravity of her accomplishment truly sunk in. She thinks that it will take some time before Webb Simpson truly understands what he has accomplished and she hopes that he will be able to enjoy this experience.

The new reality when you win something like the U.S. Open involves having this great trophy with all of those great names engraved on it and from that moment, you have to re-assess your goals and accommodate many new life changes and new requests on your time.

Any time you are in contention in a Major Championship, nerves play in a role in the pressure moments no matter how many times you have been in that cauldron. But that is the beauty of the experience of contending in and hopefully winning a Major Championship. She was certainly very nervous in Majors but she enjoyed that feeling, especially when she won.