Annika Sorenstam - June 21, 2012


Annika was playing in the CVS Caremark Charity Classic earlier this week in Rhode Island and was paired with Peter Jacobsen in the team event. There were top players from the LPGA Tour as well and it was a lot of fun although she and Jacobsen did not play as well as they wanted. She had never seen the course before and she had a wonderful time as it had the feel of a PGA TOUR event.

She really enjoyed watching Peter Jacobsen perform his impressions of various players including Craig Stadler, Colin Montgomerie, and even an LPGA Tour player. His impressions were very funny and she spent a great deal of time laughing. The event has raised millions of dollars for charity over the years and she enjoyed getting to be part of such a special event.

Lorena Ochoa has said that she is very happy to be raising a family and being away from the LPGA Tour. They played golf together recently and Lorena said that she enjoys playing with friends but when they played together, Lorena played incredibly well and Annika would not be surprised if Lorena did not return to competition on a regular basis.

When asked about Yani Tseng’s recent struggles including her T59 in the Wegmans LPGA Championship, Annika said that she is concerned and she has spoken with Yani about various things but she cannot see why Yani should feel a lack of confidence. She is the top ranked player in the game and just like everyone else she is going to have peaks and valleys in terms of performance. The key is being able to get through those valleys and Annika feels that Yani will have no problem doing that.

Two of the most important features of The First Tee are the Nine Core Values and the Nine Healthy Habits which she is personally involved in. She considers the Nine Healthy Habits to be a back nine companion to the Nine Core Values and it is so important to try to establish strong and positive values in the lives of these kids in The First Tee as early as possible.

If she could offer advice to Webb Simpson after his U.S. Open win, she said she would tell him to enjoy this time because you never know if you will win another Major. Also, he should not add too many tournaments and other responsibilities to his schedule because if he does, it is likely that he will burn himself out and negatively impact his performance on the course in the future. She wants him to enjoy this time as much as he possibly can.

There were many surprises at The Olympic Club last week and one of them was the fact that both Luke Donald and Rory McIlroy missed the cut. She was at the U.S. Open last week and although she has never played the course, she knew how tough it was but it was still surprising that the two best players in the world did not play the weekend. She was also surprised to see Tiger Woods play the way he did on the weekend especially after he played so well at the Memorial Tournament and then in the first two rounds at The Olympic Club.

She was also very surprised to see what Jim Furyk did on the 16th tee during the final round and watching him that day, she felt that he seemed very uncomfortable on the back nine and that he was laboring to win the U.S. Open and unfortunately he was unable to get it down.

Tiger Woods is putting a lot of pressure on himself and his attitude is not the same that it used to be in that he seems to be getting way too upset over one bad shot where he used to overcome bad shots and be able to dominate over multiple tournaments. Tiger has become very mechanical in his work with Sean Foley and because he is so focused on his various elements of his swing, he ends up getting wrapped up in details and not focusing on the big picture.

ESPN ranked Annika 4th on the list of Greatest 40 Women Athletes of the Title IX Era and she is very humbled to receive that high ranking. She feels that she has not only achieved a great deal in her career but also that she has tried to encourage many other girls to compete in sports. Title IX has been very instrumental in providing opportunities to girls to compete in sports and she is a big supporter of what the law has done and she is looking forward to watching her own daughter compete in sports.

When she was at the CVS Caremark Charity Classic in Rhode Island, she was close to the Newport area where she won her third U.S. Women’s Open in 2006. Many fans came out to the tournament with flags and memories of that event and looking back, that particular win was incredibly special because it had been 10 years since her second U.S. Women’s Open win and she worked very hard to win that third one. The week was also very difficult as there were numerous fog delays and she also had to play in what would end up being the final 18-hole playoff in the history of the U.S. Women’s Open.