Annika Sorenstam - March 1, 2012


Last week, Annika Sorenstam was involved with the Escape For Good charitable event for Athletes For Hope in Phoenix, Arizona where she was not only one of the many notable athletes in attendance, she also interviewed Mia Hamm, Chris Waddell, Anthony Munoz, and Andre Agassi for Morning Drive. All of the athletes in attendance are amazing people who do truly inspiring things. She has known Mia Hamm for a number of years and she does such great work with her foundation and she has been impressed by Andre Agassi for many years. His philosophy for education started in Las Vegas and now it is being taught all over the country.
Chris Waddell’s story and spirit are unbelievable as he has been able to go from a horrible accident and being paralyzed to scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro using pretty much his arms only.

She found Tiger’s situation with the media on Wednesday to be very interesting. When she practiced with him, Tiger talked to her about his interest in the military and his admiration for what the Navy SEALS and the Green Berets do. He has definitely been interested in the military for years but what he did yesterday was not positive at all. The book has not even been released yet and he needs to figure out a way to handle the heat which will be more intense than it is now by the time the book is released.

The LPGA Tour season has played three events in 2012 and she was not surprised to see Yani Tseng play well and win one of those events. The surprise of the first three events may be Jessica Korda who won in Australia and has shown that she has a lot of potential. Annika added that Korda played in the Annika Invitational as a teenager. It was also great to see a veteran like Angela Stanford win a big event like the HSBC Women’s Champions. The six-woman playoff in Australia and the four-woman playoff in Singapore just added that much more excitement to those overseas events and the LPGA Tour definitely has momentum heading into its U.S. debut later this month.

Annika was involved with the Executive Women’s Day at The Honda Classic on Tuesday and was involved in a breakfast and a panel discussion. She was a part of this program which was created by the PGA TOUR to try to engage women in the communities of various PGA TOUR events to try to get more women involved with the game of golf. It is a special program.

She feels that the rules should remain the way they are and not be split up between amateurs and pros. Better ways to try to grow  the game will come through finding ways to play shorter rounds and finding ways to make golf more accessible and more friendly to more people. In order for the game to grow, new things such as creating more team events for kids need to be done because young people are the future of the game of golf.

The hardest thing right now in growing the game is trying to keep young kids involved in golf as they get older. The First Tee is doing a great job but with so many options out there, it is harder than ever to keep kids involved in the game. Affordability is a big issue in keeping kids involved as many kids who may want to stay involved get priced out. has had a bit of facelift recently and the site is back up online and it is where people can keep updated on what she is doing with her foundation, course design, academies, charity, and everything else.