Annika Sorenstam - March 19, 2012


World Golf Hall of Fame Member and Golf Channel Contributor Annika Sorenstam is at the Tavistock Cup at Lake Nona to give live reports and interview players. She is a member at Lake Nona and she showed her allegiance by wearing a blue shirt. It is a beautiful day and it has been great to see so many people come to the course via bus and everyone is having a great time.

She watched Peter Hanson warm up today and he is swinging well although he told Annika that he has been struggling with his irons and his ability to make a good turn on his shots. However, he is putting well right now and that is giving him a lot of confidence.

Having four teams is a great and fun way to play this event and better ball is a fun format that helps to separate this event from all others. It is great to see players pair up on their respective teams and work together to try to win a point. At the end of her segment, she closed by saying “Go Blue!” for Lake Nona.

Tom Lewis is a very young member of the Queenwood team. Until today, she had only seen him on television but she has enjoyed watching him practice. He is hitting the ball very well and he has a great demeanor and seems like a nice young player.

Ben Curtis has been trying to make his way back to the top of the leaderboard. Most of his career, he has not had a swing coach but recently he began working with Sean Foley and Ben is starting to see some results from that collaboration.

If she had her golf shoes and her golf clubs, she would go out and play right now. She has played in the Tavistock Cup in the past and she has always had a great time. Being a competitive person, she definitely wants to get out on the course and represent her home club of Lake Nona.