Annika Sorenstam - May 10, 2012


Rickie Fowler earned his first PGA TOUR win last week in Charlotte and when asked his place in the American golf atmosphere, Annika said that he would not be in her top 3 but he is certainly up there. She has played with him a couple of times and she is definitely a fan. Rickie is not only a great player but he is also a nice person who signs every autograph and conducts himself very well. When she earned her first win, she felt a sense of relief and a sense that she belonged on the LPGA Tour and that she may have a future as a professional golfer. She senses that Rickie may be feeling some of those same emotions following his win in Charlotte last week.

If she could determine the way someone is inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, Annika has been a supporter of the points system because it is an objective way to determine whether or not you should be in the Hall of Fame. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003 at the peak of her career and while it was an interesting feeling to be inducted while she was still playing, she sees the positives behind it including the fact that inductees will be able to enjoy the feeling of inclusion not only while they are still alive, but also while they are still actively competing which is a special feeling.

Annika & Friends is being held this weekend at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. There are still tickets available for the Darius Rucker concert but all of the spots for the golf portion of the weekend are sold out. A lot of work has gone into the planning of this event and everyone is very excited and Annika is thankful to have such a great staff working for her. More information is available on

When watching Tiger Woods, she thinks that he will come back from his missed cut at Quail Hollow last week to have a good performance at TPC Sawgrass. His stats seem to be good in 2012 but he is continually tinkering with his swing and that invites more analysis which makes a tough week even tougher. She thinks that a good week for Tiger Woods would be a top 10 finish but she also knows that Tiger would not be very happy with anything short of a win at TPC Sawgrass this week.

She does not believe in decompressing after a win and that if you are playing well, you should continue to play to keep the momentum going and try to keep the confidence high. If Rickie Fowler is feeling good, he should keep playing as long as he wants because he is playing well.

Annika was in Brazil last week for the HSBC LPGA Brasil Cup. Brazil is a nation with over 200 million people but the city of Rio where the tournament was played has just two golf courses. If golf is able to grow in Brazil, it will be huge for both Brazil and the game and the 2016 Olympics can only help to speed up that growth. She had a wonderful time in Rio and met a lot of young girls who are interested in learning about the game of golf. Every morning she saw so many people playing beach volleyball or soccer or just running along the beach. It was amazing to see so many active people in Rio and she hopes that golf can become popular there as well.