Annika Sorenstam - May 17, 2012


The Sybase Match Play Championship consists of 64 players in 4 brackets including the Annika Sorenstam bracket. She said that every bracket is filled with great players but because match play is so uncertain and anything can happen in 18 holes, she does not like to make too many predictions during these kinds of events. However, she mentioned that Suzann Pettersen is someone to watch in match play but you cannot ever neglect to mention Yani Tseng because she is the best player in the world. There is always pressure when you are the leader or in this case the higher seed in a match because people want to take you down and in an 18 hole match, anything can happen so while you can have favorites you cannot make too many predictions.

Annika & Friends was a terrific weekend where everyone had a great time. The celebrities were wonderful and they had the chance to raise a lot of money for some great charities. As host of the event, she was the MC for numerous events and that was a bit of a challenge as she is very shy but she still enjoyed it. Darius Rucker gave a great concert and the entire weekend was a success. She is very appreciative of everyone’s help in raising money for great causes.

Earlier this week, Annika tweeted that her son Will took his first steps and he made 8 steps yesterday. As he takes more steps, she joked that she will have to get a helmet for him and she noted how amazed she is at how active Will is at his age compared to how active her daughter Ava was at that age.

The one thing that she loves the most about match play is the intimidation factor that you can inspire in your opponents if you are able to come into a match play event playing well. If you are a high seed and are playing well at that particular time, you can enter matches with confidence that you will win and that confidence tends to make opponents nervous.

When asked about Michael Whan’s comments to Forbes magazine about the idea of having an LPGA event at Augusta National and about his thoughts on their membership policy, Annika said that she had no idea that Whan called the Augusta National every year about hosting an LPGA event and she had no idea that the Augusta National writes a big check every year to support women’s golf. She would love to see a women’s event played at Augusta National if it is at all possible.

Caroline Inglis was disqualified from a state championship tournament in Oregon for signing for a 68 when she actually shot a 69. She had won the individual title the previous three years in high school and would have won her fourth by almost ten shots had she not been disqualified. Annika said that it is certainly a sad story when you consider the circumstances involving her father but rules are rules. However, she is in favor of modifying the scorecard rule even to the point of making it a digitized system similar to that of electronic plane tickets.