Annika Sorenstam - May 24, 2012


When asked about the Morgan Pressel slow play penalty, she said that slow play is a serious issue that the LPGA Tour needs to take seriously and added that she and Azahara Munoz were warned and knew that they had to speed up. She felt that Morgan handled the incident well and that it was unfortunate that it happened but she did not disagree with it.

Slow play was a big problem on the LPGA Tour back when she was competing and she feels that as professional golfers, they need to lead by example because they are role models. If they play slow, they are suggesting to amateur adults and children that it is OK to play slow. The truth is, slow play is not OK and it is the thing that is hurting the game of golf the most.

Nine years ago this week, she played in the Crowne Plaza Invitational as the first woman in 58 years to compete on the PGA TOUR. Right before she went to the 10th tee in her first round, she remembered walking down from the clubhouse to the tee alongside Dean Wilson and Aaron Barber and talking about how many people were there and how intense the atmosphere was. They were both very encouraging and made her feel welcome. The memories of that day still give her goosebumps and she has continued to keep in touch with both of them. She actually ran into Aaron Barber in Ireland at the Solheim Cup last year.