Annika Sorenstam - November 29, 2012


When asked about the impact of this proposed ban on the ANNIKA Academy, she said that she has yet to discuss this with her staff but the Academy does not teach putting with an anchored stroke very often anyway.

In her opinion, anchoring the putter has never been an issue for her because while she has had putting issues in her career, she remained with a conventional putter and she also never felt threatened in tournaments by someone who was anchoring their putter. Sherri Steinhauer was one of the few players on the LPGA Tour to anchor their putter and Annika said that no one on the LPGA Tour criticized that decision. It has been legal for a very long time and added that she also respects Mike Davis and everyone at the USGA and knows that they are working to preserve the long-term health of the game of golf.

When she was playing against someone who was anchoring their putter, she felt that she had an advantage because she knew that players who anchored their putters felt that they could not putt as well with a conventional putter and Annika knew that she could putt well with one. The game of golf is ultimately played between the ears and the more confident you are, the better you will play. Some players who currently anchor their putters like Keegan Bradley and Webb Simpson are incredible athletes and they will figure out ways to succeed without anchoring their putters.

There are plenty of other rules in golf that players take advantage of which can be vigorously debated including the rule that caddies are allowed to stand behind players and help them aim putts. Regardless of how she felt or feels about it, Annika had her caddie help her aim putts when she was on the LPGA Tour because it was a legal option available to her through the Rules of Golf.

When was she was nervous on the golf course, she would feel it on the greens. If she was nervous, she did not have any feel when she was putting and she would try to keep her wrists still and she acknowledged that anchoring the putter succeeds in keeping the wrists still when nervous.

No matter if you are a pro or an amateur, golf is about getting the ball in the hole. You can play great from Tee to Green but if you do not have a good short game, you are not going to succeed. During her career, she spent countless working on her chipping and putting because her short game performance would determine her level of success in golf. Tournaments are decided by putting and if she had missed putts, her name would not be on a lot of trophies.