Annika Sorenstam - November 8, 2012


When asked about Stacy Lewis likely becoming the first American Player of the Year on the LPGA Tour in 18 years, Annika remarked that Stacy has had a very consistent season and she is very deserving of the award while adding that Stacy certainly wishes that she had won a Major this year. Stacy has had a great career and has fought hard for her career so it is a great thing that she will likely be Player of the Year.

The LPGA Tour has used a Points System for many years and it is a great way to determine who the Player of the Year is. It is an objective rather than a subjective way to determine the honor and she supports keeping the Points System in place in part because it has always been done this way and she feels that it is a good way.

Annika then took questions from Twitter from people who used #AskAnnika on @GCMorningDrive. She was asked which three courses outside of Orlando were her favorite and she said Pine Valley, Merion, and Oakmont. The reason that she said Oakmont was that that was the place where she played her first U.S. Women’s Open. Annika remembers being amazed at the practice facilities and being able to have free food in the locker room.

Tim Rosaforte asked Annika about what she would do if she were Michelle Wie’s coach and she said that she would encourage Michelle to be herself on the golf course. Now that she has graduated from Stanford University, she is a full-time professional golfer and she needs to embrace this career. You are at your best when you are being yourself on the course and not holding back and Michelle seems to be holding back on the course right now. When Michelle Wie was a teenager and recording a lot of high finishes in Majors, Annika felt that Michelle would be the player to challenge her for World #1. Michelle had so much promise and it is surprising that she has not won more often on the LPGA Tour.

The PGA of America is about to go through a transitional period as there will be a new CEO and a new President in 2013 and Annika feels that the biggest challenge for the new leadership is continuing to grow the game of golf among women and minorities as well as among all people. The PGA of America has to figure out how to make the game of golf more accessible and more affordable if they are going to be able to increase the number of people playing golf and the number of rounds being played every year. The PGA of America as well as all of the major organizations also need to encourage families to play golf together and make golf a family event.

When asked if her 59 was the best round of her career, Annika said that it was not only because of the score but also because of the quality of her shots. She was as close as she has ever been to being flawless during a round of golf. She was never in between clubs on any shot and every putt seemed to have a clear line and it was one of those days when the planets aligned.