Annika Sorenstam - October 18, 2012


Annika is in New York City for the presentation of the 2012 ANNIKA Inspiration Award where a number of great Olympians were in attendance. All of these great athletes are inspirational in terms of their respective journeys in sports and also with the work that they have done for numerous charities.

When asked about the experience of growing up in Sweden and going on to be a great golfer, Annika acknowledged that the winter weather is very tough but added that young Swedes take advantage of the summer months and they are also helped by strong support from the Swedish government. Sweden has had great national golf teams for many years and the government has been very supportive of the game of golf and they will continue to be supportive.

She has not spoken with her friend Yani Tseng for about a month but she is following her career very closely and it is certainly unfortunate to see her struggling right now. Annika said she knows how it feels to be under a lot of pressure as the #1 player in her sport and she thinks that Yani may be trying a bit too hard on the course. When Yani was making her run up the World Rankings, she had a calmness to her game that she has not shown in a while and Annika feels that the reason for that is the added pressure and stress that comes with being World #1.

Doug Brecht was not only a wonderful person but he was also a big supporter of the game of golf and its rules. He was a very knowledgeable man with a lot of insight into the rules and he always took great care to be faithful to the rules but fair in their enforcement.

A few years ago, she played golf with both Ahmad Rashad and Michael Jordan in Lake Tahoe and proceeded to shoot 30 on the nine holes that they played together. Jordan was doing his typical trash talking and Annika proceeded to show both of them what great golf looks like. Annika added that she was very pleased to claim the winnings from their wager as they walked off the ninth green.