Annika Sorenstam - October 20, 2011


She is going to team up with Morgan Pressel in the ADT Skills Challenge later this year and she is looking forward to it. ADT is a great sponsor for women’s golf and when they asked her to be a part of it with Morgan, she said yes very quickly. This is not returning to a Tour event but she is doing this because it is a lot of fun.

She agrees with the LPGA Tour’s system of a Points List to determine Player of the Year because she feels that it is a fairer system in that you know who the Player of the Year is because it is based on a set of standards. It also keeps the politics out of the process. It is always important to have as many U.S. events on the LPGA Tour as possible because people are used to seeing the star players a lot in the United States plus it is always easier when players do not have to cross multiple time zones numerous times throughout the year. She is a fan of LPGA Tour Commissioner Michael Whan and feels that he has done a fantastic job under difficult economic conditions (plus it is hard to work with a big group of women, she joked). She would give Whan an 8 out of 10 simply because he needs a bit more time to really have a big impact on the LPGA Tour.

She recently participated in a First Tee event in the Dallas, Texas area with former President George W. Bush. She had never met him before and found the former President to be a golf nut and someone who was very funny and really enjoyed being around all of the kids who were with the First Tee. The First Tee is a wonderful organization and despite having the organizational infrastructure to increase the knowledge and popularity of golf in minority communities, the number of minority golfers have not gone up as significantly as hoped but there is still time to make an impact.

She was in New York City last night to present the 2011 Annika Inspiration Award at a dinner for the Women’s Sports Foundation. The recipient was a very impressive 12-year-old girl named Winter Vinecki. She has participated in triathlons since the age of 5 and founded Team Winter which is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for prostate cancer research and raising awareness about the disease which claimed the life of her father. She has raised a great deal of money and she is just a very impressive young woman.