Annika Sorenstam - September 15, 2011


2011 European Solheim Cup Assistant Captain Annika Sorenstam is in Sweden hosting the 5th annual Annika Cup for junior girls one week before heading to Dublin, Ireland for the Solheim Cup. 

In response to the suggestion that there is a new era regarding Tiger Woods, she feels that Luke Donald did intend to say that. By saying that there is a new era, you are saying that an old era is over. She said that Yani Tseng is playing very well and is happy to see that she is adding more trophies to her (formerly Annika’s) trophy case. After reaching 5, 6 Major wins, Annika found her motivation by realizing that when you are in the middle of your career and playing well, there is nothing there to stop you from winning even more. Confidence is everything and Yani is playing with a lot of confidence right now. 

The Annika Cup is on its second day where they invite the top junior girls in the world to not only play a tournament, but also to learn various skills in other areas. She wants to motivate the girls to not only play great golf but also to have goals. 

Responding to the news of the cancellation of the LPGA Tour’s China event, she said that it was amazing how quickly it occurred but China is not exempt from being sensitive to the world economy and times are tough everywhere so China had to cancel the event and now the LPGA Tour is down one more event. 

She said that of course Europe will win the Solheim Cup this year but as far as being captain, she has not heard anything and is simply focusing on this year’s event in Dublin. She enjoyed hearing that Yani was pushed into saying that the U.S. would win on Champions Tuesday earlier this week.