Annika Sorenstam - September 22, 2011


Annika Sorenstam is an Assistant Captain for the European Solheim Cup team in Ireland.Since the year she played in her first Solheim Cup in 1994 at The Greenbrier, which was one of the most nerve-wracking weeks of her life, her perspective has changed a bit but the week is still incredibly exciting. It is crucial that Europe wins this week because it has been 8 years since the last win and although the matches have been close, it has not been good for the health of the Solheim Cup and for anything like this to succeed, there has to be a rivalry and success on both sides. There are so many theories on how to pair players in alternate shot and better ball and she and Captain Nicholas have received opinions on this from all sides but at the end of the day it is a golf tournament and you want to have your best players on the field but at the same time you do not want to ice a player by making them sit for an entire day.

On a different issue,she was very impressed by Lexi Thompson’s performance and added that the age limit is not based on performance but on maturity and although some may disagree with her, she does not think there should be any rush to become a full-time member. She has not spoken to Michael Whan on this issue at all. If he asked her opinion on the petition from Lexi Thompson, she would say no because of the personal maturity question and the fact that there have been so many cases of young phenoms turning pro and then burning out and failing. She does not want Lexi to possibly fail and she would be very important to the future growth of the LPGA Tour. She does not plan to give a pep talk to the European team today because she thinks the team is already as prepped as they can be and are ready to play on Friday although she said she may give a talk later in the week and is available to help Alison Nicholas in whatever way she can.