Anthony Anderson - February 23, 2012


He says that his golf game has gotten better over the past few months and when he was at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, he really thought he had a chance to win the pro-am title from Bill Murray but then Saturday happened. Gary remarked that he saw Anthony eating ribs at Pebble Beach and after trying to make the excuse that the ribs were not his, he admitted that the ribs were indeed his.

He is in town for the NBA All-Star Game and he is hosting and participating in the All Star Celebrity Golf Challenge on Friday February 24th at Bay Hill. Some of the notable celebrities involved in this event include Charles Woodson, Johnny Damon, Nick Anderson, and Kordell Stewart as well as golfers Ginger Howard and Shasta Averyhardt.

He has the opportunity to play golf with and spend time with a lot of very interesting people including Jack Nicholson and Arnold Palmer. He joked that unlike Nicholson, Palmer actually talked to him when they had breakfast. He was the most nervous around Martin Scorsese. Scorsese does not like loud noises and Anthony can be a loud person and one day on the set of “The Departed,” he started laughing very loudly and Scorsese showed up with his ears covered.

Ray Allen is one of the best golfing athletes he has seen and Allen has worked very hard on improving his golf game. He can drive the ball a long way and he can really play.