Anthony Casalino - November 21, 2012


Anthony Casalino is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Greenbrier. Now that his time on Big Break Greenbrier has ended, he is now pursuing his membership in the PGA of America because through that membership he will be able to compete in numerous national championships as well as possibly the PGA Championship.

He had a wonderful time on Big Break Greenbrier and he is very thankful to Golf Channel for the experience. He felt that the producers accurately represented him and his personality based on what he gave the camera and the other contestants while filming at The Greenbrier.

On December 12, his wife will give birth to their first child. They know that their first child will be a boy and it will be the first boy in their family as three of his siblings have had a total of seven daughters among them. He and his wife will name their son Anthony Jaden so they can call him A.J.