Anya Alvarez - July 3, 2012


Anya Alvarez is the latest player to be eliminated from Big Break Atlantis. She is in the field for the U.S. Women’s Open at Blackwolf Run this week. The best thing about being on the show had to be meeting all of the other girls and all of the great catered food, to be perfectly honest!

She is very excited to be at the U.S. Women’s Open this week and it is certainly a different feeling from Big Break Atlantis because every moment there was like sudden death and at the U.S. Women’s Open you will have chances to recover from bad shots and mistakes.

While she loves the game of golf and feels that golf has given her wonderful opportunities in life, she has never felt that golf is the most important thing in her life. While she considered turning professional before college, she waited until after she had spent four years at the University of Washington. She said that that was the right decision because she grew up a lot during those years in college and as a result she was better prepared for life as a pro.

She played a practice round at Blackwolf Run and she has learned that there are many holes where you simply cannot hit driver and instead she will have to hit a hybrid just to stay in the fairway. Also, the par 3 holes are playing much longer than they were in the 2011 U.S. Women’s Open. The added length makes an already tough course even tougher which is what you expect in a U.S. Women’s Open.

Through the KidSafe Foundation, she talks to people about her own story of abuse and encourages other people to open up about their experiences in order to grow and realize that you do not have to let a bad moment in your life define who you are. She is using golf as a motivator to educate both parents and children about the prevention of sexual abuse.