Ashtyn Brown - October 20, 2011


Ashtyn Brown is a leukemia survivor and the 2011 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic Miracle Kid. She fought leukemia twice in a three year period and is now a freshman at Ball State University. When she was 6 years old, she was very athletic and very active like many kids that age but she began to experience various symptoms including feeling cold in warm weather and having some bruises on her back. She underwent blood tests and was diagnosed with leukemia and was sent to the hospital very quickly. There was not much time and leukemia is a very fast moving cancer. In fact, doctors hope that remission will begin a week after the bone marrow transplant. The treatments did not work the first time and she had to go through the process again. A friend of hers named Justin Cross was also diagnosed with leukemia. They were like brother and sister and it was devastating when he did not survive leukemia. Golf has been a life saver and a real blessing in her life. From the time when she was diagnosed to now, the odds of survival for her disease have increased dramatically and that is where the Children’s Miracle Network comes in. This organization has been unbelievable in increasing research and awareness for all kinds of cancer. She has lost a number of her friends but she is still here and she will always work to fight this disease. As the Miracle Kid this year, she has had the chance to be very involved with the tournament this week. It has been amazing to meet and play golf with members of the Tampa Bay Rays who were very excited to meet her. She has been to Disney before but she is hoping to go over to the parks before the week is over.