Bill Calfee - October 26, 2011


Bill Calfee is the President of the Nationwide Tour. From 1991 to today, he nor anyone else in his opinion ever thought that the Nationwide Tour would become the successful tour that it has. If he could make any changes, he would have all of the PGA TOUR cards come from the Nationwide Tour instead of half from the Nationwide Tour and half from Q-School because he feels any great player on the Nationwide Tour is ready for the PGA TOUR. The proposed 3-tournament series to make the Nationwide Tour the exclusive avenue to the PGA TOUR is not driven exclusively by the desire for sponsorship. There is great desire to raise the stature of the Nationwide Tour and such a series would do that. They have been playing in South America and Mexico for a number of years and he feels that Latin America is a great market and a great place to grow the game of golf especially with the game returning to the Olympics in 2016. PGA TOUR Latinoamerica will create more opportunities for players in that region of the world to come to the United States and play on the Nationwide Tour. Trying to quantify the value of one season on the Nationwide Tour vs. one season on the PGA TOUR is one of the big discussion issues when it comes to establishing the 3-event series that would possibly start as early as 2013.