Bill Pennington - May 13, 2012


Bill Pennington is a Golf Writer for the New York Times and is a writer of the On Par column and On Par blog. Looking at the past 54 holes from Kevin Na, he would describe his play as hypnotic as you can neither look at him nor can you look away from him. He thinks that a lot of people are yelling at the TV when they are waiting for Na to hit and he doubts that there could be any other reaction.

If he were playing on his home course and he came across someone with a routine similar to that of Kevin Na, Pennington said that he and a lot of people in that position would at the very least say something to the person and many of them would simply walk away and not play the round with him.

His book, On Par: The Everyday Golfer’s Survival Guide, is a conversational book that he wants to have with recreational golfers. Over the years that he has worked on his On Par column and blog for the New York Times, many stories simply cannot be told in 900 words and also the things that recreational golfers talk about are different from what golf media members and professional golfers talk about. He wanted to show that all golf fans from all walks think about and discuss the same things.