Bill Russell - September 19, 2011


NBA Legend Bill Russell is hosting the first Mentor’s Champions Golf Challenge. He played golf with Golf Channel’s Win McMurry on Sunday and he said that his game is still good although he still misses some putts. When he called his friends, the first thing they said was “What do you want?” After the end of his career, Russell has spent a great deal of his time focusing on mentoring kids who need guidance to reach their potential in life and it is incredibly important as someone who has had guidance and success in life to pass on the lessons he learned to others. He talked about how when he was a young kid on the junior varsity basketball team, the varsity coach asked him to join his team and after the first practice, the coach signed him up for a membership at the Boys Club in town and then kept track of Russell’s progress as a player. One of the great values of golf is the fact that as an individual sport, it requires focus and discipline and those are great values to pass on to these kids. What is remarkable is that after working with these kids, the mentors say that they got more of the experience than the kids who they helped.