Billy Casper - November 29, 2012


When asked about the proposed anchoring ban and if he has ever been at odds with any USGA or R&A decision, Casper said that the fact is that those two organizations control everything in golf. Years ago when those organizations were deciding on the one ball rule and how players had to play one kind of ball for all 18 holes, Casper said that you needed to make all balls legal before you could say that a player had to use just one ball.

The people at the USGA are great people and it is unfortunate that it has gotten to the point where a ruling has had to be made on the issue of anchoring the putter. It would have been much easier for the USGA and players alike if a decision had been made much earlier.

He never anchored the putter to his thigh during his career and his entire putting theory involved keeping the putter face square and if he had anchored his putter to his thigh, it would have been impossible to keep the putter face square.