Blayne Barber - November 6, 2012


Barber made it through the first stage of PGA TOUR Q-School but disqualified himself six days later for signing an incorrect scorecard. He had penalized himself for touching a leaf in a hazard during the first stage of Q-School. There was a big leaf in the path of his backswing and he felt that he had touched it although he was 100% certain at the time. He felt that he needed to penalize himself and so he informed his caddie and his playing partners that he was assessing himself a one stroke penalty although he found out later that he should have penalized himself two strokes.

It may seem a little odd that six days passed between the incident and the disqualification. His brother caddied for him at First Stage and his brother said that although the decision was up to him, his brother said that he did not see the leaf move. Blayne said that he was having a real problem with this incident although he was not sure he even moved the leaf. After six days of thinking about it he wanted the whole thing to be over and he felt that if he were second guessing, he needed to disqualify himself.

When the round is over, that is when you bring up any rules issues but at the end of that round, he did not even remember the incident and there was never any question from his playing partners or the officials about the self-penalty. He had ended his round with a birdie and he felt that the issue related to the penalty had been settled at that moment. Of course, that changed when he found out that the penalty was two strokes instead of one stroke.

When asked if he had considered bringing up the issue the next day, Blayne said that there was a lot going on and his brother had also said that he did not see the leaf move so he decided at that moment not to bring it up although he changed his mind. He wishes the players who move on to Second Stage because of his disqualification all the best and he is happy that he is not impacting their futures because of a mistake that he made.