Brandel Chamblee - April 9, 2012


Golf Channel Analyst Brandel Chamblee was in Augusta, Georgia for the 76th Masters Tournament as part of Golf Channel’s Live From coverage. When he looked at Bubba Watson, he saw a guy having fun and using his imagination to get around Augusta National. We all wish we could hit the ball 300 yards and refer to ourselves in the third person but Bubba can do. The 2012 Masters was incredibly exciting and the Augusta National delivered once again.

Bubba Watson is in his own category because of the unique way he can shape a golf ball that is supposed to fly straight. There are elements of his swing that do not make sense and he has never seen anything like Bubba’s swing but it sure is exciting to watch.

He does not know if he has ever seen Tiger Woods more bound up and frustrated by mechanical thoughts than he was during The Masters. Out of everyone, he probably slept the least of anyone on Sunday night.

If he were Louis Oosthuizen, he would feel pretty satisfied at his performance although he did not win. Contending in another Major Championship following his 2010 Open Championship win at St. Andrews is a big deal in itself and it was great to be able to get into that position again. Oosthuizen was the complete opposite of Bubba Watson in terms of his golf swing and the way he plays and that difference was very exciting to watch.

When asked about Phil Mickelson’s triple bogey on the 4th hole, Brandel said he had no idea what happened. It seemed like he rushed through the hole but it is another example of Phil being Phil. Although he did not win, he still finished tied for 3rd despite two triple bogeys last week and Brandel expects that Phil feels satisfied overall at his performance.