Brandel Chamblee - June 15, 2012


Golf Channel Analyst Brandel Chamblee is in San Francisco, CA this week for the 112th U.S. Open Championship. It was a lot of fun to watch Tiger Woods during the first round but the shot that stood out to him was his second shot to the fourth hole. He did not have to be that aggressive but he showed that he has a great deal of confidence with his swing. It seems, at least on that shot, that everything he has been working on is coming together.

When you look at how Official World Golf Ranking points are awarded, you find that the four Major Champions receive 100 points, THE PLAYERS Champion receives 80 points, and the WGC event Champions receive between 62 and 78 points. The OWGR seems to undervalue Major Championships because if you ask any player, they will tell you that a Major Championship win is worth many more points than THE PLAYERS, a WGC event, or any other event for  that matter.

World #1 Luke Donald struggled to a first round 79 and Chamblee did not think such a thing would have been possible this week because of how experienced and disciplined he is. Luke Donald’s problems include a lack of driving distance and a lack of driving accuracy and in the U.S. Open, you need to have both things if you are going to contend. When you take into account those issues, it is not surprising that Luke Donald has never played well in the U.S. Open.