Brandel Chamblee - May 25, 2012


When asked about Graeme McDowell’s penalty during the first round of the BMW PGA Championship, Chamblee said that it is difficult sometimes when you are in that position to know what decision to make. He does not hold the player responsible in cases like this. The camera in many cases is what catches the penalty and then the player gets blamed for the penalty.

When you play well, you are under more scrutiny but that is what comes with the territory of being successful. Those players are paid very well for their success and the penalties for mistakes are much higher for them. Whenever there is doubt, players should appear to rules officials as it is their job to help the players compete according to the rules. The rules are incredibly complicated and there are even times when rules officials have to consult with other rules officials because not even they are always sure about every little rule in golf.

The first time he ever played golf, he went with his father and brother. During that round, his father was telling him to do a lot of things based on rules and etiquette and he can understand how a young kid might decide to do something else when he or she realizes how many rules are involved with the game of golf.

The Humana Challenge has been named the event of the year by Sports Business Journal not just in golf, but in all of sports. Former President Bill Clinton seems to have the golden touch when he involves himself with something and the fact is that golf is a sport that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Clinton has the ability to bring big names like Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson and their involvement certainly brought more attention to the event.

When he saw David Drysdale’s ball bounce out of the water at 18 in the BMW PGA Championship, he wondered if he had ever gotten a break like that during his entire career as a professional golfer. He could see how Jamie Lovemark’s break in the 2009 Open in Scottsdale could happen because the floor of that lake is concrete and he doubts that that is the case at Wentworth.