Brandel Chamblee - October 5, 2011


He is looking forward to watching over the next four days to see if Tiger Woods is back and if he has gotten his golf swing right. He does not like anything about the work that Tiger has done with Sean Foley because Tiger is now way too mechanical. He likes the swings of Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan from an aesthetic standpoint but collectively they have played 80 Majors and between them they have just one top 5 finish and that was before Rose began working with Foley. Foley teaches a golf game that pushes one to hit the ball too low and since his teachings are too mechanical, players tend to run into problems when they cannot naturally work out their own swings. Before you can take your game on the road, it has to be good at home and generally the players who play well in tournaments play well at home too. The people who are practicing with Tiger say that he is doing great work and putting in a lot of time and hard work at Medalist. The last time that Tiger had an easy Major win was the 2006 PGA Championship while the Major wins since have been nail biters. His intimidation factor comes from the successes where he runs away with the titles and shows everyone else that he is above and ahead of them and until that kind of victory happens again, the intimidation factor will not be there. His fairways and greens numbers have decreased progressively as he has continued to play tournaments under the tutelage of Sean Foley. If he sees Tiger out at CordeValle not rehearsing every swing and every move as well as evidence that he is playing golf again and not playing swing, he will be encouraged by Tiger’s progress. But if he is wrapped up in the details, he will not be able to beat many people.