Bruce Bowen - September 19, 2011


Bruce Bowen is a retired NBA player and current television analyst who is at Friar’s Head as part of the Mentor’s Champions Golf Challenge. When it comes to Charles Barkley, he said that his voice is actually worse than his golf swing because you hear his voice non-stop. What is so special about this event is that he and so many other athletes grew up with mentors who helped guide them to the success that they have experienced in their lives and now they have the chance to give those lessons to other people. He has had a lot of mentors in his life and he tells kids today that the most important thing is not to go along with the status quo. He also gives lessons that are true in golf in that like golf, it is not how you start it is how you finish and you cannot let one mistake or one bad moment ruin everything else. The NBA lockout is of course all about money and if part of or the entire season ends up being cancelled, it hurts everyone involved in the NBA including the owners, players, and fans. We need to have the best players playing basketball in the United States instead of going overseas which some are doing due to this lockout. What makes golf so difficult for many elite athletes is that they have much less control on the golf course and what happens there than they do on, for instance, the basketball court. On the golf course, they cannot control where the ball goes while in basketball they can look at the basket, aim, and shoot the ball into the hoop or pass the ball to where they want it to go. As a 3-time NBA Champion, he has to figure out how best to use that title in front of his name to the benefit of the most people. He tries to teach kids in basketball and in golf to have fun and keep a good attitude no matter what and those lessons are also applicable in real life.