Bruce Fleisher - March 7, 2012


Bruce Fleisher is an 18-time Champions Tour winner and the 1968 U.S. Amateur Champion. Last December, Fleisher participated in the December Classic which is the charity tournament that is organized by Rich Lerner and Kelly Tilghman from Golf Channel. If he could give advice to a young player like Rory McIlroy, he would note how much has changed in the world of golf since he was young. The pressure and the media exposure have increased so much over the years and he is incredibly impressed with everything about Rory McIlroy. It is a very exciting time for Rory and for all young players in professional golf.

On the question of whether or not 2012 is a retirement year for him, he said that the Champions Tour has been a wonderful place where he has been able to extend his career and play some great golf and win 18 times. He is now 63 years old and he knows that it is now much more difficult to compete. In creating a new phase in his life, he has written a collection of lessons called “Winning in Golf After 50” where he talks about the best way to take advantage of your physical attributes and making yourself as competitive as possible in golf over 50. Practice does make you better if not perfect and you have to spend time working on the scoring zone.

A few weeks back, he was watching some of the young players like Rickie Fowler and Keegan Bradley and had the chance to meet them for the very first time. All of them are great people and he enjoyed watching them but things have changed a great deal since he was that age.