Bubba Watson - June 8, 2012


Watson has spending a lot of time recently getting ready for the U.S. Open at The Olympic Club. Recently, he went to PING headquarters for Bubba Day where he met hundreds of employees and he wanted to let everyone know that he appreciated how hard everyone at the company works and how much he appreciates what they do for golf as well as his own charities. PING has donated $250,000 to local charities in Phoenix, AZ which is a wonderful thing. When you win a Major, you get a solid gold putter. But since his shot to win The Masters was hit with a wedge, he asked PING if he could receive a gold wedge instead of a gold putter and PING honored that request.

He is planning to arrive at The Olympic Club on the Saturday before the U.S. Open and he is excited about the U.S. Open because it challenges you in every way possible. The course is tough and the conditions are tough and if you are able to succeed in that environment, it means that you can really play and that you are mentally capable to be in that atmosphere. As the Masters Champion, he is going to try to take the positive energy from the Augusta National to The Olympic Club.

He thinks that fans should be excited about the U.S. Open and he joked that you never know what you are going to get with Bubba Golf. He feels as though he was close with his game at the Memorial Tournament although he missed the cut but his practice has been going well and he thinks that his game is rounding into form for the year’s second Major.

After he hosted the Bubba Bash in Columbus last week, a charity event to raise money for a medical center in Kenya, a car followed he and his wife at a high speed which made them very nervous. His wife was driving but he took the wheel from her and just drove around for about 37 minutes to try to evade the car. It may have been just a group of kids wanting autographs but it was a scary situation for he and his wife and incidents like that can certainly change your perspective on things.