Carlos Pena - October 20, 2011


He is playing in the Pro-Am portion of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic this week. His golf game is a work in progress and if he can improve just a little bit year after year he feels like he is doing well. He plays left handed and he is very excited to get out on the golf course and play for a great cause like the Children’s Miracle Network. It is a lot of fun to be out there with all of the guys in a great place like Disney. Unlike baseball, you can play on the same field as the pros in golf and he is amazed at how calm professional golfers are on the golf course and how they are able to play so consistently round after round. In baseball, he only has to worry about distance while on the golf course he has to worry about distance and accuracy which can be a challenge. He is very grateful to be able to play a game that he loves and it is a game that he has played since he was four years old. Between 2007 and 2008 he played on a team that went from the bottom of the standings to the World Series and it was the most fun that he had ever had in his life. The team had incredible chemistry and to play with and experience the rise of the Tampa Bay Rays from year to year was unbelievable. He is now a free agent and while he likes both leagues, he particularly enjoys the National League in part because of its history and its ballparks. The American League favors a modern style of baseball where the DH replaces the pitcher at the plate while the National League is more strategic and the pitcher has to go to the plate. The potential for some humorous moments is pretty high when the pitcher comes to the plate but it is a great style of baseball. If he could pick one golfer to  play with, he would choose Jack Nicklaus because he admires him as an athlete and as a person. He is not only a legend but also, to him, Jack Nicklaus is golf and he would like nothing more than to meet and play a round of golf with him.