Chad Campbell - May 23, 2012


Campbell shares the course record of 61 at Colonial which he shot in 2004 and he said that this week is different from most weeks for him because he lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has a lot of friends and family in the area which means that he will be spending more time than usual entertaining people which can be challenging but Colonial week is always a lot of fun and he is looking forward to the first round on Thursday.

When asked about comparisons between his swing and Ben Hogan’s, Campbell said he did not purposefully try to model his swing after Hogan but he is honored to be compared to him in any way. Living in the area, he has had the chance to play Hogan’s home course of Shady Oaks CC and once played the course using Hogan’s old clubs. The clubs were very heavy and Hogan was ahead of his time when it came to the design of his golf clubs.

The issue of slow play has been around for so many years on the PGA TOUR that it is not really that much of an issue anymore although it is a serious problem. Everyone pretty much accepts that there is going to be slow play on Thursday and Friday because there are so many players on the course at the same time.

He certainly does not want to lose $20,000 for having 10 bad times in a year but he does not know how other players feel about the fine. When it comes to solutions to the slow play problem, Campbell said that he does not have a specific answer but he would support the idea of implementing stroke penalties for pace of play violations.