Chan Song - November 14, 2012


Chan Song is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Greenbrier. When asked about his show nickname of the “Elimination Challenge King,” he said that he was given the nickname after the 3rd episode of Big Break Greenbrier and it stuck. Even though the experience has already happened, it is still hard to watch the episode where he was eliminated. There is a lot of gamesmanship on the Big Break and that is one of the reasons why it is great television.

His sisters Aree and Naree as well as his parents have enjoyed watching the show and watching him compete although he admitted that it was strange to watch other people watching him on television.

Everyone has rituals or superstitions in golf and his ritual in his pre-shot routine is eating grass. Chan said he picked up the habit from LSU Head Football Les Miles and he brought two bags of grass into the Morning Drive studio with him which he got from his sister Aree’s backyard.

He is exempt on PGA TOUR Canada and he looks forward to competing there next summer but for the immediate future, he plans to compete in Monday qualifiers on the Tour and will hopefully get to play in a few events in 2013.