Charles Barkley - September 20, 2011


He said that Hank Haney’s swing is working OK for him but the most fun he has on the golf course is when he is out with friends having a cigar and/or a drink. He has two sets of clubs- right and left handed- and said that it was windy and he plays better in the wind when he is right handed. He used to be an 8 handicap, but he only plays match play now. Julius Erving and Moses Malone were his mentors with the 76ers but his mother and other family members were mentors as well. Many of his teachers were mentors and to be successful, it takes people who teach you and guide you and he has been very blessed in that regard. As a mentor to an athlete, he would tell them to aspire to play in the Olympics because it is the ultimate event and if you cannot play in the Olympics, one should go as a fan just to become wrapped up in the experience. He wishes Tiger Woods well and hopes that he finds peace in his life. He did not finish last at Tahoe this year and his goal is always to not finish last. He hopes that he will not finish last at Friar’s Head and joked that he is planning to invite Stevie Wonder to his charity golf tournament next year. He spent the last part of the interview joking with Golf Channel’s Win McMurry about her height.