Charlie Grace - October 25, 2011


Charlie Grace is a member of Vanderbilt’s Men’s Golf Team and is playing with his team at Isleworth which also happens to be his home golf course. Isleworth is an amazing course and the Collegiate Invitational is the best college tournament that he has ever had a chance to play in. Being on his home course, he wants to play well as he has played there and known the members since he was 10 years old. It certainly adds pressure to this week but he is still having a great time. Low scores are tough to come by which makes Jordan Spieth’s first round 65 even more amazing. The shift in the use of anchored putters as well as other new equipment has been dramatic since he started college (in fact, he uses an anchored putter). Keegan Bradley’s win in the PGA Championship using one has made them even more popular. He feels that the new equipment is playing a big role in making the younger collegiate players competitive with professional golfers.