Chris Anderson - October 29, 2012


Anderson is part of Golf Channel’s “Chasing the Dream” which is documenting his efforts to get back to the PGA TOUR. He said that filming the experience is not the ideal way to chase his dream because, for example, you are constantly wearing a microphone and are surrounded by cameras which capture your great shots and your terrible shots. When you know you are being filmed, you are very aware that the bad shots will likely make the show and that can be distracting. While some parts of the show were stressful, Anderson said that overall he enjoyed being a part of “Chasing the Dream.”

When he left professional golf in 2009, Anderson felt that he did not have the chance to leave on his own terms and he wanted to chance to try to return and if anything else, leave on his own terms if leaving is the best thing to do. He is a do-it-yourself person and is not good at seeking the help of others but is realizing that there are times when asking for help is the best thing to do. He has been fortunate enough to have the support of his family and friends through this entire process.

He constantly competes with himself and he also derives inspiration from within himself. For a long time, he has felt that he has not been improving in his efforts to better his game although he has been making more progress recently. Anderson said that he is a very analytical player and that his putting struggles have led him to anchoring the putter which has taken some of the complications out of the stroke.