Christina Kim and Michelle Wie - September 21, 2011


Michelle said that when the U.S. team bus broke down, they were in the middle of the highway and they were lurching along while everyone was zooming past them. Christina dismissed the idea that Suzann Pettersen was behind the breakdown because she does not know about cars or buses. Christina said that she did not know if she would be playing with Michelle again and while she would like to play with Michelle again, she just wants to play in any match at any time for Captain Rosie Jones. Michelle feels the same way. The weather has gotten a bit warmer in Ireland as they were talking and Christina said that it was remarkable how different the weather could be in five weeks in Ireland as she was at Killeen Castle for the Ladies Irish Open this year. They were both glad to be inside and dry during the interview. Michelle said that she has been using the anchored putter for about a month now and that she feels confident over putts of any distance. Looking back at her teenage years, Michelle first noted that she was so impressed with Lexi Thompson’s performance on a very difficult course and then said that the best decision she made was to be involved in school – high school and college – as well as professional golf and that different people make different decisions about the roads they decide to take. Michelle noted that Christina went on a different path and they have both ended up more than fine. Christina said that since Lexi won an LPGA Tour event, she has more than proven herself although she is only 16 and is not old enough to vote. She has been in the top 10 at the U.S. Open, runner-up in the Evian Masters, and has had a bunch of other accomplishments at a very young age. Christina thinks that Michael Whan will ultimately make the decision that he thinks is best for both the LPGA Tour and for Lexi Thompson. While neither Christina nor Michelle could guarantee a U.S. win this week, Christina did say that she could see the Solheim Cup coming back to the U.S. and joked that it would come back even if there were a couple of severed hands attached.