Christina Stockton - July 10, 2012


Christina Stockton is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Atlantis. When she looks back at her experience on Big Break Atlantis, she said that her confidence is much higher than it was before she started the show. She had never been that nervous before on the golf course and she was very proud of the fact that she was able to pull off great shots on demand although she ultimately did not go on to win.

She has partial status on the Symetra Tour and is planning to play Q-School later this year in December. For the time being, she is spending a lot of her time practicing and trying to get into as many tournaments as possible.

From the time that she was little, she has had the chance to work with Johnny Miller. The 2-time Major Champion has always advised her to play aggressively and tap into her intensity on the course which is a bit of a challenge at times because she is not a tall or a big person.

Financial support is always a challenge when you are pursuing a professional career in golf and she hopes that her performance on Big Break Atlantis will inspire more people to invest in her career and so far, she has seen a modest increase in financial support and every little bit of money helps.